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My adventures in Ava

This villa was published 12 august 2022. It is a Safari Villa that I made into a real safari buisness. Read more.

This mansion was published 5 august 2022. It is a Elite Ranch House with horses, stable and lots of rooms. Read more.

At first I was not very impressed by this package, but then I started taking pictures. Read more.

Cheap set I mostly bought because of the wings.

=== Date : 26/07/2022 Price: €12,19

  • Cloud Nine Discochella Wings
  • Cloud Nine Discochella Trousers
  • Cloud Nine Discochella Unity

Not included:

  • Erma (hair)
  • Sporty Denim Heeled Trainers
  • Delerious Strap In Gloves
  • Foal Rose Meadow...

This outfit came available at the Solar Sound Festival 2022. It's just one of those must haves. Read more.

This mansion was published 21 juli 2022. It is a beautiful artful mansion mansion with a tradional garden. Read more.